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Jim Seubert

Having experience in the restoration industry for more than 35 years, Jim is a true expert in the field. He has always been passionate about helping people, which is why he and his wife Susan founded Pride Cleaning And Restoration Inc in 1987 to serve local communities in St. Louis and surrounds. As a team, Jim and his team take pride in helping people regain control of their lives.

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Pride Cleaning & Restoration - Water Damage Company In St Louis

A Flooded Basement Cleanup Project in St. Louis During The Recent Floods

If you've ever had a basement flood, you know it's not just an inconvenience – it's a major cleanup job. Water can damage furniture, appliances, and other belongings and create dangerous conditions by encouraging mold growth. If your basement…
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Flood Assistance Advisory: What You Should Do Right Away Amidst The St. Louis Floods

On July 26, a severe thunderstorm brought record-breaking heavy rainfall to the St. Louis, MO area, resulting in widespread flash flooding. The National Weather Service received reports of up to 10 inches of rain in some areas, and over 100…
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Water Extraction Costs: How Do Companies Calculate Them?

While the cost and price of water extraction varies according to a variety of circumstances, it normally costs roughly $2,000 on average. Bear in mind that water extraction is just the beginning of the restoration process. Following that, the…