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What Type Of Disinfection Services Do You Offer?

Pride Cleaning & Restoration offers disinfection services or decontamination services for small business owners, schools, governments, and homeowners.  Our Decontamination Services start with the following process: We would look at the layout of the building. How many people access the building and how they access it. We also listen to any kind of concerns they […]

Our Guide to Water Damage Repairs

Our Guide to Water Damage Repairs – What to Expect Dealing with the aftermath of water damage in residential properties is one of the most damaging and devastating experiences for homeowners. It can burst from more ways than one culprit, such as flooding, leaky pipes, poor sewer backups, roof damage due to inclement weather, or […]


Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips: Advice From the Field A burst pipe, leaky roof or faulty appliance can devastate your home in just minutes. Something as simple as a 1/8-cm crack in a pipe, for instance, can dump up to 250 gallons of water in your home, destroying everything in its path and leaving dangerous […]


Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Water Damage Insurance Coverage Water damage to your home can lead to a soggy and stressful cleanup. The cost to clean up water damage can be just as stressful as the cleanup. This is why reviewing your home water damage insurance coverage is extremely important. Pride Cleaning & Restoration receives calls from customers with finished […]


Fire Disaster Checklist

Fire Damage Checklist When fire and smoke disaster strikes in St. Louis, it’s too late to develop a plan. Preparation is the key to minimizing damage. Here are a few restoration tips that can help you before, during, and after a Fire related disaster strikes. Safely remove yourself, other people, and pets from the affected […]

12 Ways to Lower Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs Shop Around: It’ll take some time, but could save you a good sum of money. Ask your friends, check the Yellow Pages or contact your state insurance department. (Phone numbers and Websites are listed here.) National Association of Insurance Commissioners (www.naic.org) has information to help you choose an insurer […]


Mold Real Estate Sales

Mold & Real Estate Sales in St. Louis Pride Cleaning & Restoration of St. Louis, Mo takes mold, fungi, and bacteria mitigation very seriously. The trend around the country seems to favor legal actions vs. logical solutions. With the time, money and education Pride has invested, we know microbial growth can be contained and corrected […]