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Finding a Flood Cleanup Company in St. Louis After A Pipe Burst

The winter time means that home and businesses are at risk for frozen pipes and subsequent pipe bursts, this may when you need to contact a full service flood cleanup company. Burst pipes can lead to flooding, and there is nothing worse than dealing with water damage in a building. Water damage caused by flooding can not only lead to damaged personal items and the possibility of mold growth, but water seeping into the floors and walls can also lead to permanent structural damage. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire the services of a professional flood cleanup company for any burst pipe emergencies. 

When a homeowner hires a trustworthy flood cleanup company, they are getting a guarantee that the job will get done with accuracy and safety in mind. Taking on a flooded home can also be potentially hazardous. Contaminated water can be a magnet for disease and there’s also the possibility of hidden debris floating in the flood water. Hiring a professional company to deal with a flooded building can come in handy since they will have the proper equipment and knowledge in order to deal with the situation in a safe and effective manner.

Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc Is Your Go To Flood Cleanup Company in St. Louis this Winter

Before beginning any kind of flood cleanup job, it’s important to make sure the area is safe to work in. This means cutting off the water and electricity to the area in order to prevent any further damage and any potential for safety hazards. If it is safe to do so, make sure to remove any furniture or items from the area in order to prevent further water damage to those objects and ready them for cleaning and restoration. A  flood cleanup company  will typically implement a standard safety protocol when they tackle a flooding job.

    • 1. Water Removal: Before any restoration can begin, all water must be completely removed. Many flood cleanup companies have access to pumps or vacuums in order to completely remove standing water. They would also have access to industrial fans in order to completely dry out any remaining moisture.
  • 2. Removal and Repair: The next step in the process involves the removal of sections of the wall and floor that cannot be repaired, such as carpeting, and the subsequent repair to those areas in order to restore the home to its original state. Discarded materials will be disposed of by the company. A flood damage cleanup company will even fix what caused the flooding in the first place, so there’s no need to additionally hire a plumber. 
  • 3. Cleaning and Restoration: Any items or surfaces that can be restored will be dealt with through a process of cleaning and disinfection. Contaminated water can be very nasty and a thorough cleaning process can eliminate the possibility of potentially hazardous mold growth and lingering odor. A professional company will use disinfectant sprays and other cleaning solutions in order to make sure their precious items and all surfaces of their home are cleaned thoroughly. This all adds up to a process where any evidence of the flood happening is completely removed.

Call Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc For a Professional Flood Cleanup Company

Tackling the job of dealing with water damage from a broken pipe can be very time consuming and potentially dangerous if a homeowner does not have the proper equipment or water damage restoration knowledge. That’s why Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc is a flood cleanup company that can bring their expertise to any job. They have served the St. Louis community for many years with quality service and an emphasis on making sure every job is done with the intention or returning a property to the state before the water damage took place.

The winter months can be very stressful for a lot of people and, unfortunately, the lowering temperatures means that our company sees a lot of burst pipes this time of year. That’s why Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc strives to treat each job with the care it deserves so homeowners don’t have to deal with the stress that flooding brings.If a homeowner is in a situation where they need water damage restoration for their flooding, time is of the essence if they want to prevent any further damage. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to put their trust in a flood cleanup company so they can make sure the job gets done right the first time. And the best part is, Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc will even work with insurance companies when it comes time to file a claim so homeowners will have one last thing to worry about. To learn more about flood cleanup services, visit https://priderestoration.com/contact-us/ or the 24 hour phone line at (314) 664-8844.

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