St. Louis Basement Sewage Cleanup

Pride Cleaning and Restoration, Inc: St. Louis Basement Sewage Cleanup

Project Type

In March of 2021, St. Louis had a lot of rain one night which caused the sewer line to collapse and flood the basement with water and sewage in one of our clients homes. Pride Cleaning and Restoration was called and we went in to perform basement sewage cleanup in St Louis. Our team knew that sewage backup in basement cleanup is very dangerous due to the toxic contaminants which can form when sewage is in a confined area. The Pride Cleaning and Restoration team members knew that because of the potential dangers, they needed to take their time and do it right. Flooded basement with sewage waste is very dangerous for people to be in.


St. Louis Basement Sewage CleanupSt. Louis Basement Sewage Cleanup

Project Challenges

Our team had to deal with many challenges while performing this basement sewage cleanup project including the ventilation issues in the flooded basement, walls and ceilings were also affected by water damage. We also had to handle damage which was affecting finished rooms and unfinished rooms that were below the flood level of the house.  

The drywall in the basement was also damaged due to the collapsed sewer line that flooded the basement with sewage water. The damage also impacted homeowner’s belongings in the basement. Not only did we have to deal with the many challenges that flooded basements can bring, we also had to deal with the basement sewage cleanup.


St. Louis Basement Sewage CleanupSt. Louis Basement Sewage CleanupSt. Louis Basement Sewage Cleanup

Project Results

Our team arrived and started the basement sewage cleanup by extracting all of the water. After extracting the sewage water in the basement, we started boxing up all of the items that could be saved. Our team cleaned the damaged contents in our warehouse. There is also demolition involved due to the drywall in the basement being damaged by the sewage backup. After removing and cleaning everything in the basement, our team set up the drying equipment necessary and let it thoroughly dry before we put everything back together.

We are extremely proud of how our team handled the sewage cleanup in basement. The project was a very difficult one, but we were able to complete it in a timely manner and with just the minimum basement sewage cleanup cost. This kind of work is always hard on personal belongings that become contaminated with sewage, but our team did a good job with the situation.

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