A Water Damage Restoration Project in Edwardsville, IL

A competent water damage restoration company is an essential number to have on hand for the business owners and residents of Edwardsville, IL, and the surrounding areas. Timelines are absolutely critical in successfully navigating:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Leaking water source repairs
  • 24/7 water damage-related emergencies and more

One recent case study in an Edwardsville home showed the value of using a reliable service like Pride Cleaning and Restoration Inc. Read on to learn more.

Edwardsville Water Damage: Full Project Description

When a local attorney placed a call to the company’s emergency responders, he was concerned with flooding in the basement of his Edwardsville residence. The client’s primary concern was surrounding the potential out-of-pocket costs that seemed inevitable from his insurance policy. The team had to be extra cautious as they inquired about the situation and discussed the flood restoration process.

The initial information seemed to suggest a badly flooded basement that was starting to smell like sewage. The home and flood insurance policy did not cover this situation, which could have meant a costly commitment before remodelers would have been able to replace contaminated drywall, trim, or floorboards. However, the technicians suspected there was more to the story with his description of see-through floodwater and only a faint odor of sewage.

Project Solution by Pride Cleaning and Restoration Inc.

Edwardsville professionals like Pride Cleaning and Restoration Inc. understand the potential costs involved. They typically find ways to help water damage restoration clients save wherever possible, which is why this case led to a rather unique cleanup method. The final decision included getting in touch with an experienced plumber who was willing to work on a Sunday for a sewage line inspection and clearing job.

The problem dissipated as they used a snake to unclog the main sewage line. Wipes had created a soft blockage, causing all the greywater from the shower, dishwasher, and toilet to accumulate in the basement pipes.

The 24/7 emergency crew commenced the subsequent cleanup and spoke to the insurance adjuster, who was on the way to the job site. They reassured the representative that it was not a sewage backup so that he could reassess the client’s policy coverage.


Project Results: Summary

The case shows clear video documentation of the unclogging process, which also served as proof for the insurance adjuster’s final assessment of the situation. A soft clog or sewage fillup fell under the standard home insurance claims to cover the floodwater cleanup and basement restoration costs. The client’s request also included a brand-new water heater to replace the old unit after water damage.

The restoration process was quick, with the team at Pride Cleaning and Restoration Inc. using their industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate the dampness in the basement and prevent mold growth. They also installed the new heater.

The client’s feedback showed that he was more than happy with the collaboration. His customer review included thanks and a thumbs up about recommending the service, saying: “Jim [from Pride Cleaning] was very responsive, and his communication was great. He worked well getting the claim covered with insurance as well.”

In this case, getting the water damage repaired did not involve a nasty sewage backup. However, even clean water left behind on kitchen counters, basement floorboards, and bathroom ceilings can cause thousands in damage.

Don’t wait for service; call the Pride Cleaning and Restoration Inc. team at (314) 310-4126 today if you suspect that you need water damage restoration at home or commercial property in Edwardsville, IL, or any of the surrounding communities in the area.

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