Pride Cleaning & Restoration works hand in hand with your insurance provider to verify and archive all of the appropriate documents and costs associated with your property claim. The end goal is a fair settlement. After cost documentation is filed, we will determine the total loss according to your insurance provider’s requirements. Approaching a home insurance claim is a delicate matter, and we are confident that our years of experience dealing with claims of all kinds will establish a smooth process that results in an appropriate settlement.

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  1. Once disaster comes call Pride Cleaning & Restoration before your insurance company.
  2. Damage control is the initial priority when we arrive on the property, and our professionals will contain the damage to prevent further destruction.
  3. After the situation has been properly managed, it is now time for you to get in touch with your insurance provider.
  4. The insurance provider will assign an adjuster, who will accommodate your immediate needs such as a temporary living arrangement.
  5. Pride Cleaning & Restoration will discuss an overview of a reconstruction development procedure and the anticipated schedule for and reach an agreement on charges before beginning any more work.
  6. The next step in the process is to work with you designating the suitable materials, colors, & style schemes for your personal restoration project.
  7. If necessary we have no problem being the liaison for you and the appointed adjuster. Pride Cleaning & Restoration deals with insurance so you don’t have to!