Pride Cleaning & Restoration - Water Damage Company In St Louis

Pride Cleaning & Restoration, a water damage restoration company serving the St. Louis area, is helping property owners identify the signs of water damage resulting from severe wind and rain. Failing to recognize the difference between age-related or foundation-related water damage and water damage from severe weather can cost property owners thousands of dollars in lost insurance claims payouts.

Sometimes insurance claims adjusters fail to spot the evidence of water damage when inspecting a home or business for an insurance claim. The damage may have been so extensive that some areas went unnoticed. Curtains or furniture may have concealed the damage. In some instances, claims inspectors may not realize that the water damage resulted from severe weather. Age-related joint separation and the resulting water damage are not covered under insurance. An incorrect assessment could cost the property owner thousands of dollars. The experts at Pride Cleaning & Restoration understand the importance of thoroughly inspecting a home or business and then accurately assessing the cause of the water damage in St. Louis.

Pride Cleaning & Restoration has produced an educational video that informs property owners of what to look for when examining water damage around windows. Water stains along lines of caulk separation very well may be age-related or the result of a shifting foundation. However, if the windows have been well-maintained, then age may not be the cause of separation and leakage. Strong winds associated with heavy storms or tornadic activity may produce a suction strong enough to cause separation along caulk and framing lines resulting in water stains and unseen water damage. Water stains along the vertical window frame, the interior jams, or the lower window casing are indications of storm-produced damage. In many cases, such damage is covered by insurance. If homeowners want to know whether or not their house has been damaged in a recent storm, Pride Cleaning & Restoration will come out and provide a free, no-obligation onsite inspection.

A veteran-owned business, Pride Cleaning & Restoration has provided residential and commercial water damage restoration throughout the St Louis area since 1987. The team has the experience to guide property owners through the entire process, from water damage inspection to total restoration. Pride Cleaning & Restoration works with the insurance company so that proceedings are as smooth as possible. A home or commercial building that has sustained any amount of water damage should be inspected by a restoration specialist, and the local disaster recovery company assists homeowners when disaster strikes. Other services provided by Pride Cleaning & Restoration include mold removal, fire damage restoration, and green cleaning.


To learn more about water damage restoration in St. Louis, visit the Pride Cleaning & Restoration website at For a free, no-obligation water damage inspection and quote, contact the team by email at or by phone at 1 (314) 668-1223.