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Industries We Serve With PreVasive

Pervasive Healthcare


Our disinfectant and cleaning solutions meet tough industry standards for use in healthcare facilities against harmful pathogens.

Pervasive Education


PreVasive disinfectants, clean and kills bacteria, virus, mold, and mildew to create healthy learning environments and reduced absenteeism for students and staff.

Pervasive Food Processing & Sanitation

Food Processing & Sanitation

Pride deliver pathogen control solutions to help prevent the spread of foodborne illness thus maintain a food quality so critical for your brand’s reputation.

Pervasive Nursing Home

Nursing Homes

From infection prevention, house-keeping, odor control, carpet stain removal, or kitchen cleaning, our products help keep residents, staff, and visitors healthy and safe.

PreVasive Remediation


PreVasive Noroxycdiff antimicrobial will help restoration projects to control mold spore proliferation, and it can also be applied on restored surfaces for ongoing mold protection.

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Our Products

Pride Cleaning & Restoration is always interested in promoting good health by reducing the environmental toxins we are exposed to daily, chemicals we clean with, wash with, toxins in the soil and water and toxins in our foods. As an Industrial Hygienist and environmental scientist, Pride is all too aware of the additive exposures we are subject to daily

The first amazing product of nature is BAC (Thyme Whole plant Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) supremely crystal-clear micro emulsion-the only one!

  • 100 percent Botanical Organic Thyme based Antimicrobial cleaner. It has a light wintergreen fragrance or if you prefer an organic vanillin fragrance that is…well, fantastic!
  • Antimicrobial is a Glass cleaner, Stainless cleaner, Floor Cleaner, laundry, and dishwasher ready, Stone, marble, countertops and it goes on….
  • used as a safe way to rid your lawn of tunneling moles, freshen your fabric furniture, spray on your bananas to keep pesky flying bugs away. Use BAC to spray on your indoor plants and outdoor plants, spray on your doggie to keep flees off or freshen them up and yes freshen the couch you don’t want them to sleep on!
  • beginning to be used in elderly care, daycare, schools, mold restoration and homes. We are just now beginning to get the word out about PreVasive Products after more than 10 years of research and development.
  • used on foliar applications for plant medicinal growers to cattle and horses preventing flies from driving them crazy!
  • used by elite remediation companies working in Hurricane sites like Florence in NC, Michael in Florida and Houston from Harvey. The product is being employed from Hawaii to the Keys at disaster sites.

PerVasive has been used in Air Force 1 hanger to cleaning Abraham Lincolns office Chairs.

More green products we offer below. Buckle up friends and let’s change the planet!

  • Botanical Defense – GRAS FIFRA 25B- Bed bug, spider and bug killer- all 100 percent organic! Tested 100 percent effective by the top national laboratory under EPAs toughest criterion.
  • HD Degreaser – cleans the tar off autos, cleans tile and tile grout cleans soot and fire (contains botanicals and uses EPA safer choice chemicals. Light licorice fragrance from anise oil
  • Enzyme Deodorizer — Millions of good enzymes and bacteria to eat away odors and organic materials – botanical mix fragrance. Of course, organic.
  • WASP — GRAS FIFRA 25B- Whole plant organic -anti mold coating. This product is being applied to stone, masonry, wood fences, concrete drives, sidewalks crawl spaces, hardwood surfaces and multitudes of uses. We are up to 22 months and no mold on exterior surfaces and 38 months interior surfaces like remediated crawl spaces and wood chases.
  • Oxy Orange – Approved by the Secret Service to be used in Air Force One Hanger. Labeled certified Green, is a peroxide (Organic) (Highly refined Orange peel oil). Great for mold remediation decon and is a super carpet cleaner! Remediators bio decon with Oxy Orange, then apply WASP and then fog the area with BAC. BAC is used to clean hard contents, soft contents and leave a spray on surfaces for an anti-mold residual where WASP can’t be used.
  • PWA – Least we did not forget the abatement industry! PWA is 100 percent botanical organic wetting agent. It is light blue, has a light licorice fragrance and is a dust suppression product to be used in critical areas like hospitals and grinding operations where fibers or dust are not an option! Additionally, PWA is used to foam onto surfaces to assist in the removal of asbestos-containing materials. Just spray and foam on to old popcorn ceiling texture or stippled surfacing and it will fall away with a few gentle pokes!
  • Now — here is one that is very special! RHIZOSPHERE, tested worldwide this product is a stabilized kelp concentrate with lactating cow enzyme from … well, cow biscuits! And it is a truly awesome organic plant fertilizer and soil builder. No need for toxic fertilizers or insecticides USE BAC for foliar applications on food crops, lawns and house plants and Rhizosphere under the soil. For a billion years nature has evolved to produce the bio protection it needs. Look around 98 percent of all the plants on earth do not get fertilized or drowned by pesticides and they are doing great! We do not need harmful pesticides in our food, that is why putting organic carbon back in the soil and no-till farming is so important!