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how long does my landlord have to fix mold

How Long Does a Landlord Have To Fix Mold Growing in Your Rental?

Microscopic mold spores can linger in your house or apartment without you realizing it. In most cases, small amounts of mold don’t cause structural damage or health problems. Unfortunately, the right environmental conditions can cause large mold colonies to form, leading to increased health concerns and other issues. If you find yourself dealing with a mold problem, seeking professional assistance

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How To Fix Ceiling Water Damage

How To Fix Ceiling Water Damage

Evidence of St. Louis water damage inside a house can include unsightly brown stains, surface protrusions, and peeling, flaky paint. The damage is highly noticeable on ceilings and could indicate a severe problem like a plumbing or roof leak. You’re not alone if you want to learn how to fix ceiling water damage. Our crew at Pride Restoration includes water

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emergency water damage

Immediate Actions To Take After a Water Damage Emergency

When you happen upon a sloshing, wet disaster in your home or business, it’s normal to experience a panicked rush of adrenaline. Instead of allowing panic to determine your next moves, use the guide below to protect your property and family. As a trusted provider of emergency water damage services in St. Louis, MO, our team at Pride Cleaning &

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commercial water damage

How to Create a Water Damage Response Plan for Your Business

Natural disasters and building malfunctions can happen anytime, regardless of preparation. As a business owner, some of these disasters can spell trouble for your commercial gains or properties. An emergency response plan can help you address commercial water damage to have as little downtime as possible. With good planning and restorative action, your business can return to its usual function

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water remediation company

Navigating the Legal and Insurance Aspects of Water Remediation

There is a lot of stress that comes with water damage. Many people find that it is difficult to adjust to the disruption to their daily routine. They may be mourning the loss of their dream home and valued possessions. There are also the added stressors of figuring out how to pay for the cleanup and any legal challenges that

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fire restoration

Preventing Fire Damage to Your Home or Business

A house fire is often a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only can it devastate property and belongings, but it can be a dangerous, life-threatening event. Homeowners don’t just have to worry about the flames, though. The smoke and soot can also be dangerous and damaging.  For all of those reasons and more, homeowners need to make sure that they are

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