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COVID-19 Cleaning Advice & Recommendations

Many people right now are scared of leaving their houses and we offer COVID-19 cleaning services to help. We know people who haven’t ventured out in two months except for checking their mail or maybe taking a short drive, but not going into any stores. They even have all their food delivered to their house. We encourage people to be safe and smart. 

One thing people need to keep in mind is we’re not doctors and we don’t have any medical background, but we’ve done a lot of research and understand that your body has an immune system. From what we’ve read and heard is the immune system can grow and strengthen, but also weaken depending on the exposure that you have to germs and bacteria around us.

Two, make sure you’re using something that is going to be effective. Don’t just follow the news and get what people were told to get. Don’t just grab Lysol and think it’s going to be effective. Do your own research and ask:

  • What does it really do?
  • Is it meeting my needs or do I need to look for something better?
  • Are there better options?
  • Are there better ways of doing things? 

If so you have to be smart and protect yourself. We see people wearing masks improperly in stores and it poses a risk to them. People drop their masks down to their necks and leave their mouth exposed. They touch things in the store and then they touch their mask.

You’ve got to be smart when you’re wearing that mask. That is why we highly recommend using A Better Way Distributing products to disinfect your mask and hands after shopping in a store. You can carry the small bottles of Hydrolyze to disinfect your mask, hands, or clothing. When you leave the store, you can spray your hands and your mask as you take it off and then store it safely for the next time you use it. When you go in the store you could even lightly spray down your clothes. We recommend when you are leaving a store, just decontaminate yourself before getting into your car. 

Is Lysol Useful For Coronavirus Cleaning?

While Lysol says it kills germs, we really encourage people to be more educated about what they’re actually using in their homes or in their businesses. A lot of lives have already been lost this year and a lot of people have gone through illnesses while this virus is not going away yet. We think it’s going to ramp up even more in the fall. 

For this reason, wouldn’t it be better if you have the choice of using a product that’s actually safer and effective for you? You don’t need something that could cause poisoning for you. We call Lysol a pray and spray product. You spray it, you pray it’s going to work. Use something more solid and safer for you, like Hydrolyze. We can prove to you that Hydrolyze can effectively disinfect your home or business while keeping everyone safe from chemicals.

Can Hydrolyze Be Used to Clean Masks?

Hydrolyze can absolutely be used to clean masks. The product is safe enough to use on:

  • Your Face
  • Clothing
  • Masks
  • Shoes

All you have to do is spray Hydrolyze on the item you’re cleaning with a little mist from the spray bottle, hang it up, and let it air dry. This product sanitizes very quickly and efficiently. 

A lot of these paper masks that people are using, they get dirty pretty quickly and there’s been no other way of cleaning them. They’re having to throw them away because it became contaminated. Hydrolyze is a great way for hospitals and healthcare facilities to safely disinfect masks and get more life out of them.

Worried your home or business may have been infected with COVID-19? Call us at (314) 668-1223 or visit our services page to learn more. Interested in buying Hydrolyze for yourself? Shop for it here.

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