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Most Common Types of Damage Caused by Flooding in St. Louis

St. Louis is familiar with the damage flooding can cause, leaving many homeowners and businesses frustrated and stressed in the aftermath. Whether it’s through a significant plumbing problem or heavy rain, flooding can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Learn about the main types of damage flooding produces, then contact the best flood damage restoration company in St. Louis, Pride Cleaning & Restoration, LLC.

What Damage Can Flooding Cause?

Flooding changes the lives of many St. Louis property owners each year and causes major damage, such as the following.

1. Floor Damage

Any room in a St. Louis business or home with damaged flooring is a major health concern. The constant dampness will not only create a musty odor and uncomfortable conditions, but the environment might become unsafe to live and work in. A professional might need to completely rip up the flooring, replacing it with brand-new materials.

Additionally, the water damage from the flooring might affect anything beneath it. Flooring on the second and third levels of a home with water damage may drip water into the ceiling below. Flooring above a basement might lead to water trickling down the basement ceiling and walls.

2. Mold Damage

One of the worst consequences of flooding is mold growth. Mold thrives in damp and humid conditions, which are almost always present after a flood. Mold presents a health problem for employees and clients and can worsen allergies for someone living in a home with it.

While mold can reside on walls, ceilings, and floors, it also quickly spreads in hidden areas like crawl spaces and awkward spots throughout a property. Mold removal and remediation specialists are especially helpful for safely and effectively addressing the issue before it gets even worse.

3. Roof and Wall Water Stains

Water stains on walls and roofing systems are common after flooding. These stains can decrease a roof’s performance, visual appeal, and expected lifespan. A trusted flood damage restoration company is the best solution for removing stubborn wall and roof water stains. 

Painting over some wall stains can mask the unsightly appearance and offer a new look. However, some property owners might notice the stain bleeding through. Consulting an expert is key to addressing water stains.

4. Wall Damage

Property owners must resolve wet walls after flooding to prevent sickness and damage to other parts of their homes or businesses. Water-damaged walls can diminish property value, safety, appearance, and stability, so addressing it quickly is key.

Why Contacting a Professional for Flood Damage Cleanup Is Vital

Residential and commercial property owners can’t resolve flood damage in the best way possible without contacting a flood damage restoration business. Here are just some of the many reasons why calling experts is key after a flood in St. Louis, MO.

Recover and Protect Furniture and Personal Belongings

A flood damage restoration company knows how to distinguish between salvageable and seriously damaged belongings, removing ones they can’t save and cleaning ones they can. The average property owner may not feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to tackle this task alone.

Remove Safety Hazards From the Environment

Moldy clothes, bedding, furniture, and belongings can make people sick, but a restoration business will remove these possessions and restore the space. They know how to properly dispose of these unsafe items and get rid of all dirt, contaminants, and potential hazards.

Ensure the Property Is Safe and Usable

Detailed inspections tell flood damage restoration teams whether or not a business or home is safe for use. A business can learn what actions they will need to take before reopening and how specialists can help with that. Homeowners may need to seek alternative lodging until professionals completely clean and restore the residence.

Turn to Pride Cleaning & Restoration, LLC for Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services

Water damage from flooding can have a significant impact on St. Louis homes and businesses. Getting a quick response and impeccable service from a reputable flood damage restoration company can help property owners return to their buildings, save more of their belongings, and more.

St. Louis residents know that Pride Cleaning & Restoration, LLC offers exceptional water damage restoration and cleaning services, knowing that the team will quickly spring into action during their time of need. They do everything in their power to restore properties to their best possible conditions.

Call Pride Cleaning & Restoration, LLC today at (314) 668-1223 or fill out their online contact form to book a service appointment in St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

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