How To Fix Ceiling Water Damage

How To Fix Ceiling Water Damage

Evidence of St. Louis water damage inside a house can include unsightly brown stains, surface protrusions, and peeling, flaky paint. The damage is highly noticeable on ceilings and could indicate a severe problem like a plumbing or roof leak. You’re not alone if you want to learn how to fix ceiling water damage.

Our crew at Pride Restoration includes water damage restoration experts who know the importance of repairing water-damaged ceilings correctly. Review our guide below if you want to know how to fix water-damaged ceilings. 

Better Understanding How To Fix Water Damaged Ceilings

Water damage in your home’s ceiling might not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly become a serious problem. It doesn’t matter if the water leak comes from degraded pipes. The longer the situation goes on, the more you compromise your home’s structural integrity, appearance, and safety.

Microbes and pests love moist environments. If you don’t prioritize fixing water damage on ceilings, your home can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microbes that could cause health problems. 

Though it’s best to contact a professional damage restoration company for water damage repair and ceiling water spot remediation, you can minimize the risk of further damage by knowing how to fix ceiling water damage. Here’s what to do. 

1. Find the Leak’s Source and Stop It

If you try fixing water damage on ceilings without fixing the leak itself, the damage will worsen. That’s why it’s important first to pinpoint the source of the leak. You must stop the problem to prevent water damage from spreading and weakening your ceiling.

The site of a leak is sometimes directly above the damaged spot on the ceiling. For example, if your upstairs bathroom has a leaky tub, the water stains and water damage drywall ceiling repair would be where the bathtub was overhead.

However, a leak from a roof can start in one place and travel to another. You might have to remove the ceiling drywall and schedule a roof inspection if the problem is a damaged roofing system.

2. Dry the Affected Materials

Once you uncover and correct the problem causing the water damage to a ceiling, you must air out the affected construction materials. If excess water causes a bulge in the drywall, lay down a tarp or bucket. Next, gently puncture the middle of the bulge to release the water.

You might have to cut into the drywall to air it out effectively. Using a fan to blow air into the open space will increase airflow to the damaged area. This is great for reducing moisture content and mold growth risk. 

3. Remove Saturated Ceiling Drywall

Water-damaged ceiling drywall repair typically involves taking down the damaged parts of a ceiling. Even if you don’t cut into the ceiling to help it dry out, you might have to remove a section of the drywall to get rid of the damage.

You shouldn’t have to remove the entire ceiling to address an area with minor damage. For instance, if the drywall is dry and stable but has peeling paint from the moisture, you can leave the ceiling and scrape off the flaky paint.

4. Fix Water Damage Ceiling

If you cut out damaged drywall, measure the hole carefully. Then, cut a fresh piece of drywall using the measurements plus two inches to fill the hole snugly. Smooth any rough patches with fine-grit sandpaper for.

You might need a water damage restoration company’s help if extensive repairs involving the replacement of whole drywall slabs are necessary.

5. Paint the Ceiling

Open your windows to prepare for the final step: priming and painting. Even if damage occurs on a small section of your ceiling, it’s best to prime and paint the entire surface. Doing so will ensure the ceiling is free of water stains and has a gorgeous, even finish.

The open windows will provide plenty of ventilation while you paint your ceiling. Start by priming the surface and letting it dry before applying the paint. It’s best to wait until each coat of paint dries to ensure even coverage.

Get the Best Water-Damaged Ceiling Fixes in St. Louis

When you need top-notch ceiling water leak restoration in St. Louis, Missouri, you can count on Pride Restoration. Our IICRC-certified water damage restoration technicians know how to fix ceiling water damage and provide water stain repair to ensure properties retain their attractiveness and structural integrity. 

Our professional crew is on standby 24/7 to provide effective, affordable damage restoration services. Call (314) 668-1223 today to request help from Pride Restoration. 

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