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Navigating the Legal and Insurance Aspects of Water Remediation

There is a lot of stress that comes with water damage. Many people find that it is difficult to adjust to the disruption to their daily routine. They may be mourning the loss of their dream home and valued possessions. There are also the added stressors of figuring out how to pay for the cleanup and any legal challenges that might accompany the damage.

Homeowners don’t have to let all of the challenges overwhelm them, though. This guide is designed to help people understand the complex legal and insurance aspects of water remediation. Homeowners can even learn more about how a water remediation company in St. Louis can help them navigate these challenges.

Understanding Standard Insurance Policies

Many people blindly sign up for a basic homeowners insurance policy without fully understanding what it does and doesn’t cover. Unfortunately, this can put a lot of homeowners in a bind if a claim is denied for something they thought was covered. For that reason, it’s important to read through the insurance policy and ask questions about anything that may be unclear.

Water Damage

In general, however, homeowners can expect that their water damage restoration will be covered as long as the incident was accidental. If the mess was caused by an ongoing leak that had been ignored, homeowners usually would have to pay out of pocket. 

Flood Damage

A homeowner is also responsible for covering flood damage in most cases. Water intrusions caused by natural disasters typically aren’t covered in a standard insurance policy. Instead, homeowners would need a separate flood insurance policy to protect their homes and personal belongings from hurricanes, high waters, and flash floods.

Damage to Other Property

The point of homeowners insurance is to provide protection to the policyholder’s building. However, many standard policies also cover damage to neighboring properties that could be impacted by the water damage as well. This is known as water damage legal liability insurance.

What is Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance?

As if it weren’t enough to worry about filing an insurance claim, homeowners also need to be concerned about any legal liability they have for damage that their water intrusion caused to others. If a leak or sewage backup ends up impacting a neighboring apartment, condo, or home, the individual with the initial problem could end up paying out of pocket for the damages to the other property.

Most homeowners insurance policies, however, include coverage for unintentional water damage to someone else’s property. Therefore, the homeowner won’t have to worry about paying for the loss on their own. 

There are some exceptions, though. In order to be covered, the water damage must be caused by an accident or sudden event. As mentioned previously, water damage from ongoing leaks is not covered by insurance.

How to Submit a Claim Through a Water Remediation Company

The insurance claims process can be intimidating for homeowners if it is their first time. Many people will end up forgetting a step or two, which could delay their restoration or end in a denial of their claim. 

Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to worry about navigating the challenges on their own. A water remediation company can usually help with this step. In fact, most will handle the whole process from start to finish.

Their professionals can ensure that there is thorough documentation to go along with the claim. They can take photos and videos of all the damage as well as the source of the water intrusion. 

From there, they can reach out to the insurance company and submit the claim on behalf of their client. The experienced contractors can even handle negotiations with the adjustor to ensure that homeowners get the coverage they deserve.

Homeowners can save themselves a lot of time and stress when they choose to let the contractors handle the claims. Not to mention, they usually get more money. This is because water remediation companies have a lot more experience negotiating with different insurance providers.

Learn More About How a Water Remediation Company Can Help with the Legal & Insurance Aspects of Water Damage

Homeowners in the St. Louis area don’t have to look far to find a water remediation company that can help with the insurance claims process. Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc. has been serving the community with full-service disaster restoration solutions since 1987. Since then, they’ve learned the best methods for dealing with insurance claims on behalf of their customers.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact the company right away to learn more about how their contractors can help. Customers can call to speak with a helpful representative, or they can submit their information through the online quote form.  

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