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Mold & Real Estate Sales in St. Louis

Pride Cleaning & Restoration of St. Louis, Mo takes mold, fungi, and bacteria mitigation very seriously. The trend around the country seems to favor legal actions vs. logical solutions. With the time, money and education Pride has invested, we know microbial growth can be contained and corrected following the proper mitigation protocols set forth by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

Inspecting & Testing For Mold

After inspecting and sampling the affected area, a CIH provides the proper protocol for Pride Clean & Restoration to follow during the cleanup process. Once an agreement has been reached on the scope of damages outlined by the CIH, we will begin our mitigation process.

During the cleanup, Pride Clean & Restoration personnel will follow protocol and wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with full-face respirators. Additionally, our employees will enter and exit through decontamination chambers. We feel any deviation from this approach will put Pride and its employees, the CIH, and property owner at risk.

Proper on-site testing should be conducted by the CIH before and after cleanup, as is required for our Pride guarantee. Our guarantee is that if our cleaning is not adequate to pass the inspection, additional cleaning will be carried out at our expense. We will also pay for the additional clearance testing. If other contaminated areas are discovered, which are not included in the original scope of services, a price to clean those areas will be negotiated. Upon request, we will supply proof of insurance specific to your job.

Important Concerns

What concerns us at Pride Cleaning & Restoration, is what might happen if protocol isn’t followed during mitigation. Typically, lawsuits, health complaints, and real estate sales issues will result.

Post-abatement air sampling is an important aspect of the total project since once a structure has been identified as contaminated; this must be disclosed during real estate transactions.

Post-abatement clearance air monitoring provides documentation that the structure is free of contaminants and eliminates a potential delay in the sale of the property.

Yes, following protocol might add to the cost of mitigation, however, when the alternatives are considered, including potentially costly legal action and health problems, the added safeguards weigh in heavier than the risks.

Our goal is to ensure the property owner and/or tenants that a safe and healthy environment will exist after the mitigation process is completed and the source of damage is properly repaired.

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