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These Are The Most Common Types of Mold Found in Belleville Homes

With more than 100,000 different types of mold, it should come as no surprise that the spores can be found in a variety of places. Some do better growing outdoors while others are more commonly found inside homes.  

For that reason, it’s important that homeowners familiarize themselves with some of the varieties that are known to grow indoors. Knowing how to spot the signs of growth early on can save homeowners a lot of money and health complaints and prompt action, such as mold removal in Belleville, may be necessary to address the issue effectively.

Not sure what to look for?

Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc. has plenty of experience with local mold removal. Belleville homeowners should keep reading this guide to learn more about some of the types of mold that the company deals with most often in the area.


While Alternaria is one of the most common outdoor molds, it is also found in homes. It doesn’t just require vegetation to grow. It can also thrive indoors where moist surfaces are present. In fact, the National Survey of Lead and Allergens in Housing conducted a study on household dust. Their findings concluded that this type of mold is present in well over 90% of samples taken.

Alternaria can be identified by its appearance. It most often comes in a grey color, but it can also be brown or black, not to be confused with toxic black mold. While this particular mold doesn’t have toxigenic properties, it can still cause some health responses. This type of mold is categorized as an allergen, so it can cause allergy symptoms in some people. It can also trigger reactions in people with asthma and sensitive respiratory systems.


Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc. has also dealt with Aspergillus many times during mold removal jobs. This is another mold type that can be found both indoors and outdoors. As long as it is in a warm, moist environment, it can thrive. That’s why many Belleville homeowners find it around their air conditioners or poorly ventilated bathrooms.  

Homeowners can easily spot this mold growing on drywall because it is black on the surface. However, the color changes to more of a yellow or white tone underneath. Some varieties can be more of a yellow-green color. Similar to Alternaria, this mold type can cause allergic reactions and trigger symptoms in those with weak respiratory systems.


If homeowners suspect that they might have Cladosporium growing indoors, they should request the services of a professional mold removal company. Belleville homes often have this type of mold in areas of their home where there are high levels of moisture. While this might happen after water damage, it can also occur in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement where humidity levels are higher. 

It most commonly grows on surfaces that are similar to plants. For example, it thrives on walls, woodwork, and carpets that can feed the mold spores. The allergenic mold can also be found in the air, which makes it even more likely to trigger allergic reactions and asthma. Some people even report infections of the eye, skin, or brain.

To identify this type of mold, homeowners should look for clusters of spots. They usually come in green, but they can also be black or yellow.


Homeowners in Belleville also need to be on the lookout for Penicillium. While it is most likely to be found growing on foods in pantries and refrigerators, it can also be associated with water damage or another moisture issue. In these cases, it’s found growing on a variety of household surfaces, which can include wallpaper, rugs, carpeting, and even fiberglass insulation. 

Like most other molds, it also thrives in warm, moist environments. It is usually easy to identify because many people are familiar with its fuzzy, greenish-grey appearance. 

Stachybotrys (Black Mold)

If homeowners believe Stachybotrys is growing in their homes, they need to request an immediate mold removal. Belleville homes are also susceptible to this toxigenic mold that can cause major health concerns. Unlike the other allergenic types of mold, this type produces mycotoxins, which can cause a variety of illnesses and symptoms. It can be identified by its black color which is where it gets its other name, Black Mold.

Find out More About Mold Removal Services for Homes in Belleville

Homeowners who suspect they may have any type of mold in their home shouldn’t hesitate to request a mold inspection or removal. Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc. is always available to help with professional mold remediation services. They can be reached by phone or through their online quote form, so there’s no reason to put off contacting them today!


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