10 Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting a Restoration Company to Perform the Services!

The best all-around positive outcome, or remarkably pleasant customer service experience comes to those who dare to ask questions. But what questions can a property owner who is standing knee deep in unwanted water possibly ask, besides can you HELP?

We have prepared a simple list of questions that should be asked before making the important decision on “who” you want to dry your property. After all, whichever provider you select, you are really choosing the man, the visionary, the leader behind the business.

Question 1. What is your reputation like?

Question 2. Who are your employees?

Question 3. What kind of experience do you have?

Question 4. What kind of training do you have?

Question 5. What is your guarantee?

Question 6. How are you perceived in your own industry?

Question 7. Should I file a claim?

Question 8. How do you support our community?

Question 9. What is your brand personality?

Question 10. How do I know I can trust you, and your people?