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What Type Of Disinfection Services Do You Offer?

Pride Cleaning & Restoration offers disinfection services or decontamination services for small business owners, schools, governments, and homeowners. 

Our Decontamination Services start with the following process:

  • We would look at the layout of the building.
  • How many people access the building and how they access it.
  • We also listen to any kind of concerns they may have related to touch areas. 

For businesses like restaurants with food areas, we offer cleaning products that are going to be safe around food. When we go into a restaurant to clean all their food areas, we ask them how often they clean and what products they use to clean. If the cleaning products they’re using are safe and effective, that’s fine. If not, there may be some other things we can look at offering them as a service. We can offer anything from weekly to monthly cleaning or if they have an outbreak we can increase the amount of cleaning.

How Does The Disinfection Cleaning Process Work? 

Our disinfection cleaning process usually includes the following:

  • The first step would be an initial assessment
  • The second step would be determining if there’s any containment or anything like that you might need to do depending on the situation. 
  • The third step is the actual cleaning and sanitation.
  • Finally, you’re following that up with testing on it to make sure all of that works.

Pride Restoration can also focus on testing. We can pick areas of your business to clean and do before and after testing on them. These areas in the building can be door handles, high touch areas, break rooms to make sure that what we’re doing is in fact effective. 

The other thing is once we are doing the work, we offer fogging using our Hydrolyze 100 products. If it’s more of a healthcare situation in the hospitals, we can go in there and offer a hospital-grade disinfectant. The process that Pride Cleaning & Restoration uses all depends on if we’re doing an area that is around food. All of this is determined during the assessment process.

Where Can Hydrolyze Be Bought?

Hydrolyze can be bought from www.ABetterWayDistributing.com, or from Hydrolyze100.com. There is a limited time discount for 20% on your first order of Hydrolyze. All you have to do at checkout is type in 20OFF, to get the discount applied. A Better Way has multiple sizes of Hydrolyze available for purchase now. 

  • 32-ounce spray bottles for $19.95
  • 1-gallon containers for $49.95
  • Four-ounce travel bottles for $6

Want to get disinfection services for your business or home? Call us at (314) 668-1223 or visit our services page to learn more. Interested in buying Hydrolyze for yourself? Shop for it here.

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