Inventory all personal belongings

Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Water Damage Insurance Coverage Water damage to your home can lead to a soggy and stressful cleanup. The cost to clean up water damage can be just as stressful as the cleanup. This is why reviewing your home water damage insurance coverage…
pride property damage insurance claims

What to Consider Before Filing Property Damage Insurance Claims

Has disaster recently struck your property? Are you planning on filing a property damage insurance claim? Pride Cleaning & Restoration knows from experience that there are important factors you may want to consider before going through…
Fire Disaster Checklist

Fire Disaster Checklist

Fire Damage Checklist When fire and smoke disaster strikes in St. Louis, it’s too late to develop a plan. Preparation is the key to minimizing damage. Here are a few restoration tips that can help you before, during, and after a Fire…
Should I be concerned about mold

Should I be Concerned About Mold

Should I Be Concerned About Mold in My St. Louis Property? When airborne mold spores are present in large numbers, they can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, asthma episodes, infections and other respiratory problems for people. Exposure…
12 ways to lower cost of homeowners insurance in st louis

12 Ways to Lower Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs Shop Around: It'll take some time, but could save you a good sum of money. Ask your friends, check the Yellow Pages or contact your state insurance department. (Phone numbers and Websites are…
mold & real estate sales

Mold Real Estate Sales

Mold & Real Estate Sales in St. Louis Pride Cleaning & Restoration of St. Louis, Mo takes mold, fungi, and bacteria mitigation very seriously. The trend around the country seems to favor legal actions vs. logical solutions. With the…
Hire Certified Professional for water damage in st louis

Why Should Homeowner Hire Certified Professional for Water Damage

Why Should Homeowner Hire Certified Professional for Water Damage The Damage left behind in wake of a flood, leaky pipes, or a natural disaster can be extensive. Homeowners, and or business owners only notice the damage on the surface. but…
How to Know What to Do Following A House Fire St Louis

How to Know What to do Following a House Fire

How to Know What to do Following a House Fire Experiencing a house fire is a frightening, sickening, and very upsetting experience. In the aftermath of a fire, it is very important to know what to do to protect yourself and others from any…
Restorative Drying FAQ St. Louis

Restorative Drying FAQ

Restorative Drying FAQ What is restorative drying? Can I turn off the equipment at night? Or maybe wondering if you need to do anything? Pride Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis has been in business since 1987. Over the years…
Drying Wood Floors in St. Louis

Drying Wood Floors in St. Louis Missouri

Drying Wood Floors in St. Louis Missouri Can water damaged hardwood floors be restored, or must they be replaced? This is a commonly asked question from property owners who have experienced an unwanted water occurrence to their floors. The…
10 questions to ask a restoration company

Questions to Ask a Restoration Company

10 Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting a Restoration Company to Perform the Services! The best all-around positive outcome, or remarkably pleasant customer service experience comes to those who dare to ask questions. But what questions…
Inventory all personal belongings

Inventory All Personal Belongings

Inventory All Personal Belongings Try closing your eyes and listing your living room furnishings or the contents of your jewelry box. If you have trouble coming up with a complete tally, imagine how hard it would be after a disaster such as…