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Pride Restoration handled our sewage cleanup with unparalleled expertise and efficiency, turning a messy disaster into a swift and sanitary recovery.

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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup In St. Louis

Has your home or business been impacted by a sewage backup or overflow? Pride Cleaning & Restoration is a professional St. Louis sewage cleanup and water damage restoration company.

Sewage cleanup is never easy. It’s one of the dirtiest jobs on the planet. Therefore, contacting a professional sewage cleanup company is always recommended. Sewage cleanup is even more difficult if you do not know what to expect. Sewage contains many dangerous pathogens and bacteria, some of which can cause severe health problems or even death if it comes into contact with your skin or breathing in the air around sewage.

Common Areas Impacted By Sewage:

Residential And Commercial DAMAGE Restoration Services

Our Sewage Cleanup Process

Pride Restoration has worked on commercial and residential fire damage restoration projects caused by all kinds of disasters, including:

Think Safety First

Prevent tracking sewage and debris to the clean areas of your home. Use thick plastic to cover the stairway to your basement. Wear thick rubber boots and gloves to protect your skin. Sewage cleanup can be very dangerous work, so it is important to always make safety a priority when working with sewage!

Photo document everything

Now it’s time to take pictures. We take pictures of the damage, the area around it, and your equipment. The sewage cleanup professionals at Pride Cleaning & Restoration will take these photos before working on any sewage removal or repairs in order to give you a quote for their services and for insurance documentation.

Remove the sewer water

The next steps is to drain all the sewage. Our sewage cleanup professionals use pumps to move the water out of your basement or home. Sewage will have an odor, so we always wear a mask while removing it from wherever it has collected.

Remove the debris

Now it’s time to remove EVERYTHING that came in contact with the sewage. Our sewage cleanup professionals will dispose of anything that was contaminated, so it’s best to leave this part up to them.


When the sewage is all gone, it’s time to remove the dirt, soil and debris that was left behind. Sewage is full of bacteria and other harmful stuff. When our team is finished with the sewage cleanup, they will sanitize your house or basement area to disinfect it for safety.

Dry out the Area

Next we will ventilate the area impacted by sewage damage. Open windows and use as many fans as you can to get the air moving.

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