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Hidden Issues That Can Cause Water Damage in Your Home

Water is critical to supporting life, but when it comes to building materials like wood, drywall, insulation, and more, water is the enemy. Even a small hidden leak can cause widespread problems, including structural damage and mold infestation. 

Staying alert for leaks and arranging for water damage remediation as soon as you notice moisture where it shouldn’t be is critical to preventing significant damage to a home. In addition to keeping an eye on places where leaks often occur, like under sinks, monitor the following areas for signs of water damage to catch issues and begin water damage restoration quickly.


The lawn, flower beds, walkways, and driveway may not seem like potential trouble spots when it comes to spotting water damage, but damage or design flaws can create pathways for water to infiltrate a structure. If the driveway or walkways doesn’t have a slope or clear path for water to flow away from them, they can create dams that direct water towards the foundation and trap it there. That water can then seep into the foundation, resulting in the perfect conditions for a mold infestation, as well as rotted wall studs and support joists. 

An incorrectly graded yard can also cause water to flow toward the foundation and cause water damage. Deep and widespread root systems can also contribute to issues that require assistance of a water damage remediation company, as they can break through and block plumbing and sewer lines and eventually force water back into the house. Look for signs that water isn’t draining properly, like pooling around the foundation, soil runoff, and cracks in the concrete. If you notice these issues, call a professional.

Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors are also common sources of leaks, and it might take a long time for the damage to show up if you aren’t diligent about leak detection. Water can enter through the window jamb and sash, for example, which can cause the wood around the window frame to deteriorate. Painted window sills are another common site of water damage, as water can seep into tiny cracks in the paint and decimate the wood over time. 

Moisture absorption is also a common problem for the wood underneath the metal threshold of exterior doors. Any time it rains, water can leak under the door threshold, and while contractors use treated wood to prevent rotting, constant exposure to moisture over the years will cause it to rot. Inspecting the entry at least once or twice a year to check for soft spots, loose screws, and other signs of water damage helps prevent worsening problems that need expensive repairs. 

Underneath the Dishwasher

The floor underneath the dishwasher is a common site for water damage restoration because although dishwashers have seals to prevent leaks, problems can pop up with the water supply or drain lines. Even a tiny leak or crack in a joint can allow gallons of water to drop out over time, and homeowners often don’t realize what’s happening until they go to replace the appliance. Checking underneath the dishwasher for hidden leaks every so often and performing damage repairs can protect the floor.

Bathroom Fixtures 

With so many plumbing lines and connections, it only makes sense that the bathroom can hide many water leaks. Two of the most common spots for problems are under the toilet and around the tub or shower. For example, if the wax ring under the toilet fails, water can leak from the drainpipe underneath and rot the subfloor before you even notice a problem. 

The plumbing pipes running through the walls in the bathroom can also develop leaks, causing water damage behind the drywall, around fixtures, and between the wall and the bathroom surround. Unfortunately, you may not even realize there is a problem until the damage is obvious or there’s a substantial amount of water on the bathroom floor.

Turn to Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc for Water Damage Remediation 

Whether it’s a hidden leak or something more apparent that ruins part of your home, the experienced team of Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc is standing by to help with water damage remediation and repair. These local experts will identify the source of the moisture, remove water, and clean up the mess to restore a structurally-sound and safe environment. They use only the most modern cleaning methods and safest products to restore even the most water-damaged property to pristine, like-new condition.

For professional help dealing with water damage from a hidden leak or after a storm or other emergency, call (314) 668-122 or fill out the online form

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