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Tips for Dealing with Water Damage Due to Toilet Overflow

When it comes to water damage, toilet overflow incidents can either be a minor mess or a huge disaster. They often happen when homeowners least expect it, and worst of all, there are many different things that can cause overflows to occur. Since toilet-related water damage can be so unpredictable, homeowners should always be ready to face the problem.

Fortunately, ABC Environmental Contracting Services can help with that. This guide was created to provide homeowners with more information on how toilet overflows can damage a house and what can be done to restore the affected area as quickly as possible. 

How Can a Toilet Overflow Damage a Home?

As mentioned, toilet overflows can vary by their extent. Some are widespread and can affect areas outside of the bathroom. Other overflows can be spotted and stopped before the water has a chance to permeate the walls, porous flooring, and household contents. 

In addition to the impact the volume of water has on the damage, the layout and location of the bathroom can also affect the amount of damage. The following are just a few of the areas that can be damaged when a toilet overflows: 

  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Baseboards and Other Trim
  • Ceilings of Rooms Below the Bathroom
  • Shower Tiling and Grout
  • Bathtubs and Seals
  • Doors and Door Frames
  • Carpeting
  • Vanities and Cabinets
  • Insulation

Different Types of Water Damage from Toilet Overflows

It’s important to know that water damage from plumbing issues can vary by the type of water that fills the home. In fact, there are three distinct categories of water quality, and a professional water damage company can help assess the situation. The following are the types of water that homeowners may have to deal with:  

  • Category 1: This type of water can also be called clean water. It doesn’t contain contaminants, so there is no threat to health. It typically comes from leaks in water supply lines.
  • Category 2: Professionals also refer to category 2 water as grey water because it has been contaminated, but it isn’t as dangerous to human health. This water comes from shower drain problems, washing machines, and other sources of “used” water.
  • Category 3: Black water is the most dangerous type of water because it can cause severe illness. It may have raw sewage, bacteria, or other microorganisms that pose a risk to those who come in contact with it. 

Tips for Handling Toilet Overflow Water Damage

Whether the toilet overflow is blackwater from a sewage backup or clean water from a leaking valve, you should proceed with caution. The following are just a few tips that can help mitigate damage and risk. 

Don’t Be Tempted to Ventilate the Area

Sometimes toilet overflows can smell awful, and a natural reaction is to flip on the fan to help ventilate the room. However, this is a big no-no when it comes to water damage from toilets. Though it can help dry out the area, it can also increase the risk of secondary damage. When dealing with blackwater or grey water, pathogens can be pulled into the vents and spread throughout the home. 

Be Cautious of Hidden Water Damage

Some homeowners make the mistake of underestimating water damage because it isn’t always noticeable to the naked eye. They may think that they wiped it all up with their towel when in fact, it has already sunk into the floor or other porous materials. This kind of hidden damage is even more dangerous for upstairs bathrooms as it can impact the structural integrity of the ceiling below it. 

Hire a Team of Water Damage Experts to Help

To prevent any risk to health and safety, homeowners should contact a professional water damage restoration company when their toilets overflow. These experts will have the proper training, tools, and protective equipment to handle toilet water damage of all types and severities. They also offer full-service solutions to get the home back to its pre-loss condition with:

  • Water Extraction
  • Sanitizing
  • Drying & Dehumidifying
  • Content Cleaning
  • Mold Inspections

Learn More About Water Damage Toilet Overflow Cleanup

If you suspect your bathroom has water damage from a toilet overflow, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact ABC Environmental Contracting Services. Our experts know firsthand how to deal with toilet overflows, so you can trust your home is in good hands with us. As experienced professionals, we know that toilets can overflow when you least expect it, so we are here to provide you with emergency services whenever you need them most. You can call to request an in-person assessment or submit our online form to request a free quote. 

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