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Working With a Water Remediation Company: Tips for a Smooth Experience

Water damage is a devastating experience whose aftermath can cost thousands of dollars. Calling a reputable water remediation company at the earliest signs of trouble can help keep the destruction to a minimum.

However, homeowners need to keep several things in mind when dealing with a water damage restoration company. This will ensure a hassle-free experience, and the property owner will reap the most from the service.

First Things First: Spotting the Signs of Water Damage

Before calling for water damage restoration services, the first step involves determining if there’s a problem. Is there any stagnant water or puddling on the ground below the crawlspace? Have wooden posts and structural members started changing color or rotting?

These usually indicate the first signs that things have gone wrong. Puddling in the crawlspace points to a possible plumbing leak. The discoloration and rotting result from mildew growth due to excess moisture.

Besides causing structural damage, these issues could pose serious health risks. The best course of action after noticing any signs of water damage includes contacting a water remediation company.

These companies have the manpower and technology to inspect the problem and provide a durable solution.

What Makes a Trustworthy Water Remediation Company?

Many contractors out there claim to offer the best water damage restoration services. The truth is that only a few live up to this promise. This makes it paramount for property owners to check their remediation contractors’ credentials before signing any deal.

Avoid any water remediation expert without approval from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). At times, an insurance company may recommend a remediation contractor to their client.

Due diligence is still key even when the property owner decides to work with their insurer’s preferred restoration company. They must be acquainted with what action the remediation contractor plans to take.

Will they rent water removal equipment? Is mold remediation included in the package? Will the company pack up the home and clean the textiles?

It’s crucial to ask all the important questions and be on the same page with the water remediation company before putting pen to paper. Also, note that the law prohibits restoration professionals from performing any insurance adjuster roles.

In that case, the property owner may want to hire a licensed public adjuster if they need help with their water damage claim.

Insurance Companies Do Not Cover Everything!

When it comes to water damage claims, policyholders need to understand what their coverage entails. This will help in managing expectations and avoiding misunderstandings during the claim process.

Most policies cover interior water damage due to plumbing leaks and heating systems. If a leak results from an aged or faulty pipe, it will become a maintenance issue. So the owner will only receive compensation for the water damage, not the plumbing system.

What if the leak results from freezing temperatures?

In that case, the insurer will cover the plumbing repairs plus the resultant damage. For this to happen, however, the insurer must first find out if the owner had maintained the property properly before the loss. 

Basic insurance policies only cover interior water damage if the building’s exterior first suffered damage by a covered phenomenon. This may include shingles or siding being blown off by the wind, resulting in a gap in the wall or roof.

These policies don’t cover damage from wind-driven rain. However, property owners with broader policy coverage are lucky because it covers virtually all risks!

Most insurers don’t cover damage resulting from water that seeps into a building through a below-grade basement or foundation. The coverage also excludes surface water unless the owner obtains specific extra coverage.

What about the water backups from sewer systems? Insurance policies usually exclude these as well. They fall subject to substantially low limits if included. 

Call in A Professional Water Remediation Company

Property owners should call a water damage restoration company immediately if they suspect a problem. This will help prevent costly property damage and health issues. To avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous companies, it’s important to only work with remediation professionals approved by the IIRC. 

Certified water remediation professionals have the expertise and equipment to tackle any situation and ensure long-term results. For property owners needing emergency services in the St. Louis area, Pride Cleaning and Restoration is the go-to expert.

For years, this water remediation company has provided dependable water damage restoration services in St. Louis, MO. Reach out to them at (314) 668-1223 to handle any water remediation issues. 

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