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As the coronavirus spreads across the U.S., protecting your families & our consumers starts with properly disinfecting homes and businesses. But the virus-killing chemicals and additives in most store-bought cleaning products can threaten your health in other ways, especially if you struggle with a respiratory condition and breathe in dangerous fumes.

With BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) and Botanical HP, available now to the general public at Pride Cleaning & Restoration in St. Louis, you can combat the coronavirus without releasing harmful toxins into your homes or businesses. Safe enough to use around kids and pets, yet strong enough to disinfect schools, nursing homes and other public environments, these whole-plant, eco-friendly organic products from PreVasive are proven to be 99.98 percent effective in the reducing of the odor causing bacteria particles on most surface areas.

BAC and Botanical HP have long been the products of choice for Pride’s professional cleaning team, but by offering these cleaning solutions direct to homeowners & businesses, we are offering our assistance to help reduce the spread of germs and help suppress the spread of the coronavirus in the St. Louis metro area.

The Benefits of BAC & Botanical HP 

Studies show that the coronavirus can survive for days on most indoor surfaces, allowing for easy transmission from person to person. According to the CDC, disinfecting these surfaces on a regular basis is a key factor in preventing the spread of the virus, along with avoiding close contact with others and washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

“Developed through 20 years of research, BAC and Botanical HP include antimicrobials that kill or stop the growth of microorganisms on the spot,” said Jim Seubert, our company owner. “The products can be used on almost any surface, and unlike other cleaners, offer a pleasant, natural scent. After 20 years in the cleaning field, this is the best organic antimicrobial we’ve found to protect our clients in the St. Louis region and the only one we trust to battle the coronavirus.”

While BAC and Botanical HP are ideal for consumer use to prevent the coronavirus, in the event someone within the home or workplace is diagnosed with the virus, it’s best to schedule a professional cleaning with one of our experts at Pride. For high-risk facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, we also offer EPA-registered Noroxycdiff®, a daily defense against coronavirus and other life-threatening viruses and bacteria.

We offer a full service infectious disease cleaning services in the St Louis region. We believes that any infectious disease and biohazard cleanup involves multiple steps of biohazard disinfecting, biohazard decontamination and biohazard containment to make sure homeowners and business owners are as safe as possible. After the cleanup has taken place, Pride uses state of the art equipment like the Hygiena SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System to collect measurable data as to the cleanliness of a surface.

Homeowners & Business Owners who want to protect customers and employees can learn more about BAC and Botanical HP by contacting us at (314) 668-1223!

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