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Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc Case Studies: Fire Damage Claybrook House and Complete Tear Down

Project Type

When our clients experienced fire damage Claybrook to their home, they called us ASAP. The fire started as a small one and eventually grew into a much bigger fire that engulfed the home in flames that left smoke and dust. Unfortunately, the damage that was left from this fire was not only to the home, but also to the family’s personal belongings and treasures inside it. Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc knows that it can be emotionally and physically devastating to you and your family when your home is damaged in any way, especially in a house fire. Thankfully, we were able to perform a fire restoration and cleanup job.

Project Challenges

Fire damage presents many challenges to families and businesses including: securing the property, inspecting the damage and structural integrity, salvaging personal items, and more. In addition to this, fire damage cleanup is a multi-step process that often includes addressing many types of damage like water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage. In order to complete this job to the best of our ability, our team started off by mitigating any safety hazards, securing the site, and then coming up with a step by step plan for fire damage cleanup.

Project Results

Our team knows from experience and professional work in the past, that fire damage restoration requires extensive work for the damage to be properly and safely cleaned up. Unfortunately, the Claybrook house had to be completely torn down due to the extensive fire damage it suffered. We safely helped the family retrieve any personal belongings that could be recovered. After that was finished, our team began tearing down the rest of the home that was standing, and the debris was hauled away off the property.

You can learn more about Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc  fire damage restoration process by calling (314) 664-8844 or visiting our website at https://priderestoration.com/fire-damage-restoration/.

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