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Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc.: Fire Damage Repair and Reconstruction in Pacific, Missouri

Project Type

A house fire is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Even if the fire did not get far, the smoke damage and fire damage repair in the home can reach farther and can lead to some serious health issues if not properly taken care of with fire damage repair and restoration. Unfortunately, this happened to one of our clients early this year. While they were preparing their evening meal, a grease fire started in their kitchen. The fire damaged our client’s appliances, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and their kitchen walls. Luckily, they were able to put the grease fire out, but the smoke damage reached throughout their home and damaged some of their personal belongings. After they made sure everyone was safe and the fire was completely extinguished, they called us to assess the fire damage repair and reconstruction of their kitchen.

Project Challenges

Fire damage to a family’s home can not only present many emotional challenges for the clients we serve, but also can present many challenges for the restoration company that is working on the fire damage repair project. Fire damage is devastating and complex because of the unique behavior of smoke. Smoke can flow through plumbing systems by using pipes that go from floor to floor. Additionally, not all types of smoke are the same. The type of smoke greatly affects the fire damage repair process. Not all fire damage restoration companies operate equally and some may not even be experienced. That is why it is important to know a certified and trustworthy fire damage repair and reconstruction company, like Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc, that is extremely experienced in fire damage cleanup. 

Project Results

Due to the experienced and professional fire damage repair and reconstruction work our team has, we know that fire and smoke damage needs to be safely, efficiently, and completely cleaned from our clients home so they can go back to a safe and healthy environment. Our team at Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc, got to work straight away to restore our clients home. We began removing all of the families personal belongings and restoring them to the best of our team’s ability. Due to the fire and smoke damage in their kitchen, it was a complete reconstruction job. We tore down the cabinets, removed appliances, and flooring. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we detected and neutralized chemicals from the smoke. After we completely cleaned the smoke damage from our clients home, we began remodeling and reconstructing their kitchen to our clients specifications.

fire damage repair fire damage repair fire damage repair

You can learn more about Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc and our fire damage restoration process by calling (314) 664-8844 or by visiting https://pride-cleaning-restoration-water-damage-restoration-st-louis.business.site/.

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