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Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc.: Water Damage Repair In Edwardsville, IL

Project Type

Purchasing a home can be filled with so many emotions. It’s exciting to know that you are starting a new chapter, it may be upsetting selling your old home, and you might be a bit nervous with the investment you are about to make. This homeowner was all of these things, until while he was out of the country, the washer shut off valve broke and water leaked through the floor of the laundry room, through the ceiling, to the main floor. The homeowner called us as soon as he was notified to inspect the water damage repair we would need to restore his newly purchased home.

Project Challenges

One of the many things you do not want to get a phone call about while you are on vacation is that your home has extensive water damage. Since the damage was not discovered for a lengthy amount of time, when our team got to our clients home, the damage was severely extensive. The ceiling was caved in, the floors were damaged and buckled, and one of the main things we were worried about with any water damage repair project, was the mold growth that was now all throughout the home. When not treated safely and properly, mold growth can cause a whole array of health issues such as asthma, headaches, and lung infections. Our team knew that we had to be extremely careful to our health and our client’s health to use the proper equipment to remove the mold while restoring the client’s home.

water damage repair water damage repair water damage repair

Project Results

After assessing the water damage repair, mold growth, and reconstruction, our team at Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc knew we had a big project on our hands, but through our past job experiences, we knew we could efficiently restore our client’s home. We removed the water damaged drywall from the laundry room, flooring, and the ceiling. After that, we began to clean the area that was infected by the mold growth and used antimicrobial wipe down of hard surfaces with a safe green mold cleaner. 

To begin the process of water damage repair and remediation, our team set up specialized fans and humidifiers to dry out the area. After the home was completely dry, the last steps of the water damage repair project was reconstruction. We replaced the drywall, the laundry room flooring, the hall flooring, and the ceiling of the main floor. 

You can learn more about Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc water damage repair and mold removal process by calling (314) 668-1223 or by visiting us at https://pride-cleaning-restoration-water-damage-restoration-st-louis.business.site/.

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