sewage cleanup

Project Type

When Free Methodist Church in St. Louis noticed sewage backing up into their finished basement, they called Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc immediately. Sewage cleanup is an overwhelming problem to face and it can be difficult to know where to start, to say they were overwhelmed was an understatement. As soon as they called us, our team was at Free Methodist Church right away.

Project Challenges

Sewage backup is a difficult restoration task in itself and is a multi-step process. Not only did we have to contain the backup, but we also had to remove contaminated items that had been affected by the biohazard in the sewage. After this is finished, we decontaminate the area and tried to salvage any items that were contaminated by the sewage. In order to complete this job to the best of our ability and to ensure the safety of those in the church, our team needed to make certain that any safety hazards were dealt with and removed.

Project Results

After we ensured that the area was safe for our team to work in by containing the sewage backup, decontaminating and disinfecting the area and whatever belongings we could save, we then handled the repairs and reconstruction of the church basement. 

You can learn more about Pride Cleaning And Restoration, Inc biohazard and sewage cleanup process by calling (314) 664-8844 or visiting our website at

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